Light story
Big homeless god

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The Performance 'Light story or Big Homeless God' IS fusion of the art of circus, drama and puppet theatre. Develops the new genre of modern art, mixing the elements of pantomime, circus art, drama and shadow theater. Theatrical magic makes you believe in the miracle of the scene. Incredible four-meter puppet of God Serge and Pisces traveling on the water surface on a tricycle, cause delight in both A winner of several festivals, this impressionistic theater reflects fragility, sensuality of individual moods, not connected by logic, but by subtext, emotions, aesthetics.
This tale is about a light, which lives in each of us. How we can share it with each other – moth flying to the lamp or fish swallowed that moth. Or homeless God, who caught and ate that fish. From all of this light inside you become more and more. You can light on the night city and make warm frozen hearts of citizens. Dream or reality… Parable or truth…
Premiere took place 9th june 2018.
Performance duration - 1 hour.
Big homeless god
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Artist, psychologist
Suddenly, atmospheric, hypnotic, to the heart! Thanks! It was very cool!
Инженер, путешественник
Great performance! Kind, unusual and very beautiful! Successes and full halls to all participants and organizers! Thanks!
Маркетолог, боксер
A fabulous and soulful performance! Thanks to the creator for feeling the miracle!
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